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Month: April, 2012

Yikes! Immortality Beckons…

by bibliodeviant

Interesting piece from Yale’s Rare Books Blog about adding bookdealer’s catalogue descriptions to the book’s archive entry. One day I’ll sell something to Yale, and then I’ll be made! Bwahahahaha!


Just Marvellous

by bibliodeviant

Bibliodeviancy: New York Book Fair 2012

by bibliodeviant

The New York Antiquarian Book Fair: The Granite Beehive says Hi.

New post from Bibliodeviant regarding this year’s New York Antiquarian Book Fair:

“I moved to New York for my health. I’m paranoid, and it was the only place my fears were actually justified…”

New York has always been kind to me, especially the Antiquarian Book Fair. It beats me up, certainly, but only for my own good, and it always buys me dinner and drinks afterwards.

It shakes my confidence, fills me with elation, breaks my heart and promises more; all in the course of four days. It stuns me with beauty, smacks me round the face with ugliness and leaves me utterly bewildered, staring open-mouthed at things I can’t even begin to encompass. As a middle-aged man New York always reminds me of falling in love when young; you know it’s going to take off a few layers of skin, and you know you’ll never be the same afterwards for a long time and maybe not ever, but that’s what you came here for, so to hell with it… [More]