New Acquisition: the first printed edition of Corpus agrimensorum Romanorum (1554)

by bibliodeviant

Ooh! Aah! and similar firework related noises of awe…

Echoes from the Vault

The summer is a busy time of year for new acquisitions here at St Andrews. As our fiscal year winds down and extra money is found and needed to be spent, some items on our wish-lists can be ticked off. We’ll be highlighting some of our newest purchases and gifts in the next few months, and hope that these items get the attention and use they deserve!

The Rare Book Collection recently added the first edition of Corpus agrimensorum Romanorum to its shelves.  The text is one of the few surviving works collecting surveying techniques of the Roman gromatics. It survives in one 5th or 6th century illuminated manuscript, held at the Herzog August Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel). This 16th century printing, the first of this collected work, was edited by Pierre Galland and Adrien Turnèbe (also the printer), and contains tracts by Siculus Flaccus,

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