The Aertex Years

by bibliodeviant

The Bookhunter on Safari

Caught a glimpse of the Olympic Torch as it passed by earlier today – only by dint of some minor civil disobedience.  When did people start simply ignoring policemen?

The Torch rests tonight on Tooting Common – which is just at the end of our road.  Nothing simpler then, than to wander down and pay our respects.  Except for one thing – the functionaries of the local council, who have decreed that a swathe of this common land – not theirs, ours – should be screened off to prevent anyone without a ticket seeing anything.  What?  Why?  The entire population of Tooting would fit very comfortably on the Common without it becoming particularly crowded.  There’s no need for this.  No need at all – the area could be securely cordoned without rendering it invisible.  No need, that is, except for the functionaries to make themselves seem busy and important.


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