Glasgow Incunabula Project update (21/12/12)

by bibliodeviant

University of Glasgow Library

In the early days of printing, niceties such as title-pages were not yet commonplace and this can result in one of the challenges of cataloguing incunabula – first of all, identify your book! Of course, incunables have been so well documented over the years, that today this is not such an insurmountable task (although there are always fragments and unique survivors to contend with, so let us not speak too soon). However, this lack of information has inevitably resulted in some interesting errors in description over time, and sometimes even – dare I say it – bare faced and scurrilous attempts to mislead.

One instance of this is an imprint forgery perpetrated in our copy of Martin of Braga’s De quattuor virtutibus cardinalibus. The work does not include any information on its printing and publication, but has been identified as an edition produced in Paris by Petrus Caesaris and…

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