From Manuscripts to Metal

by Laurence Worms - Ash Rare Books

Material Witness

Owen Coggins blogs about the workshop ‘Text as Object 2: Printed Books and Pamphlets’ held at Canterbury Cathedral Library in January 2014

I’m studying religious discourses and mystical practices surrounding an extreme form of heavy metal music, in the Music and Religious Studies department at the Open University. So, heading to Canterbury Cathedral Library for the Material Witness event ‘Text as Object 2: Printed Books and Pamphlets,’ I was confident I’d be learning something new about medieval papers and marginalia, but wasn’t too sure how closely it would relate to my own project. Happily though, as is often the case with such interdisciplinary inquiries, it turned out there were some unexpected and thought-provoking points of contact between the heavy manuscripts and the heavy metal.

Fig. 1. Canterbury Cathedral Library Canterbury Cathedral Library

Arriving at the cathedral library through some invitingly confusing passageways, I found the group sat discussing all kinds of research interests under stained…

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