Chelsea Dreams

by Laurence Worms - Ash Rare Books

The Bookhunter on Safari


So – here I am (in my freshly tidied book-room) dreaming about all the treasures I’m going to find at this week’s Chelsea Book Fair.  Well – I say freshly tidied (see last post).  It just about passed muster at this morning’s inspection.  Just about.  The exact rhetorical diasyrm used was a kindly and encouraging, “Well, I can see you have been trying”.

Enough of that – I now have some freshly excavated shelf-space and I’ve found the cheque-book.  No other way this can end but in some determined book-hunting at Chelsea.  Better still, I don’t have to say too much this week because I’m going to see you all there – at least I hope so.  What excuse could you possibly have for not being there?

Chesea Town HallA lovely venue, books to suit all tastes, some of the best booksellers in the country (and a fair sprinkling from overseas)…

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